Character played by: Linda Marsh
Lost Love - Barbara Thatcher
Barbara Thatcher
SMDM  Lost Love
BW  none
Reunion  none

Barbara, maiden name unknown, is an old love of Steve Austin. Steve sees her for the last time in 1968, until they are to meet again seven years later in "Lost Love".

Later in 1968, Barbara falls in love with her future husband Orin Thatcher. Since October 1974, Orin Thatcher has been assumed to be killed in a plane crash at sea. It is said that Thatcher is on his way to a conference in Lisbon when his plane goes down. All the OSI can find is wreckage. Thatcher has with him all of his notes and top secret information.

Barbara meets Steve again in 1975. Both are ready to rekinkle their love. However, it is later revealed that Orin Thatcher is not dead. Between October 1974 and January 1975, he is actually hiding at the Bagarian Embassy. Barbara soon returns to her husband.

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