Barbara Anderson (born 1945) is a blonde beauty queen-turned-actor who was a prolific and popular television actress in the 1960s and 1970s, with an extensive list of credits on shows ranging from Star Trek to Hawaii Five-O, including guest roles on Lee Majors' pre-Six Million Dollar Man series The Virginian and Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law, although her appearances predated and postdated Majors' involvement in the two shows, respectively.

Her best known roles were as Eve Whitfield in Ironside, for which she was nominated for three Emmys, winning one (she reprised the role in the 1993 telefilm The Return of Ironside), and as IMF Agent Mimi Davis in a half-dozen episodes of Mission: Impossible as a maternity leave replacement for Lynda Day George. Both predated her appearance in Six Million Dollar Man.

Anderson appeared only once in The Six Million Dollar Man, in the role of Steve Austin's first romantic interest in the series, Jean Manners in the first pilot telefilm. A later pair of episodes, "The Seven Million Dollar Man" and "The Bionic Criminal", featured a character who was clearly intended to be Jean Manners, but the character was renamed and another actress appeared in the role (at the time, Anderson was committed to

The Return of Ironside is the most recent confirmed screen credit for Anderson; the user-edited Internet Movie Database lists a Barbara Anderson guest-starring in a 2007 episode of ER. However this is not the same actress and the entry is not correct.

Guest-starred as Jean Manners

The Six Million Dollar Man

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