Character played by: Eric Braeden
Arlen Findletter
Job/Career or Title Arms Dealer
SMDM  Wine, Women and War
BW  none
Reunion  none

Arlen Findletter is the villain of the second Six Million Dollar Man telefilm, Wine, Women and War. Findletter is an arms dealer doing business with Egypt and the Soviet Union, with a base in the Bahamas. At the start of the film Steve Austin is assigned to steal something from Findletter's safe (a catalog listing the weapons Findletter has for sale). The mission fails when Austin finds nothing in the safe aboard Findletter's yacht, and he is discovered. Findletter's yacht is destroyed and Findletter retaliates by murdering Tamara, a princess Austin had romanced in the days leading up to the mission failure.

Later, Austin is manipulated into returning to the hunt for Findletter and discovers his secret underground armory beneath a cemetery on an island in the Bahamas. Austin learns that Findletter is selling stolen Polaris nuclear missiles, and plans to steal a new US nuclear submarine after arranging to kill its crew with nerve gas. Austin thwarts the plan and booby traps one of the stolen missiles. Findletter is killed with his men when they trigger the altered missile within his own armoury.

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