Archie Johnson
Born March 14, 1922
Died October 9, 1997
Birth name Archibald Winchester Johnson
SMDM  none
BW  Jaime's Shield
Jaime's Shield (Part II)
Reunion  none
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Johnson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A stage actor as well as a prolific television character actor, he was in the original production of West Side Story on Broadway and the revival of that show in the 1980s, again on Broadway. He was the only actor from the original stage version who returned for the revival, and he toured Europe with the show. He was in the original version of Other People's Money on Broadway and originated the Role of "Jorge" that Gregory Peck played in the film version. His first love was theatre, where he began his career, and he returned to that genre before he retired in the late 1990s.

Johnson had a prolific television career. Among his numerous roles, he was a regular on the 1965-1966 series Camp Runamuck as Commander Wivenhoe. He made five appearances on Perry Mason, including the role of murder victim Karl Magovern in the 1961 episode, "The Case of the Travelling Treasure," and murder victim Gerald Thornton in the 1963 episode, "The Case of the Golden Oranges." He also made four appearances on Daniel Boone and Gunsmoke, five on Bewitched, four on The F.B.I., and scores of others on many other television offerings, including Decoy, Johnny Ringo, Hennesey, The Roaring 20s, Lawman, Going My Way, Mr. Novak, and Empire and its successor series, Redigo, both with Richard Egan.

In 1963, Johnson appeared on NBC's western series Laramie, with John Smith and Robert Fuller as Slim Sherman and Jess Harper, respectively. He was cast as the outlaw Sam Wellman in the episode "No Place to Run". In the story line, Wellman forces a likeable safecracker who is trying to go straight, Gandy Ross, portrayed by Don Durant, formerly Johnny Ringo, to open the safe in the bank at fictitious Granite City. Ellen Burstyn and Tom Skeritt play the roles of Amy and Price in the episode, as Jess Harper rescues his friend Ross from the clutches of Wellman.

Johnson died of cancer on October 9, 1997 in Snow Hill in Worcester County in southeastern Maryland.

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