The anti-missile missile defense system was developed by Major Fred Sloan for the US Army's Anti-Missile Missile Program. In theory, it would have allowed the military to intercept short-range missiles with as little as three minutes advance warning from an approaching enemy missile.

Subsequent tests proved that the missile defense system was erratic. This forced Sloan to go back to the drawing board for a year to correct the problem. Sloan designed a microwave circuit card that acts as an activator, and a separate ignition unit. The circuitry of the activator card is designed to fit into the circuitry of the ignition unit. Unless the activator card is plugged in, the igniton unit is useless.

Preliminary tests for the missile defense system proved successful enough to justify testing against live missiles. Steve Austin was assigned to ensure that Sloan and the activator card arrived at the Red Canyon Military Test Site for the final test of five anti-missile missiles. (Day of the Robot)

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