Played by Geraint Wyn Davies

Alan Devlin was a senior OSI agent who worked with Oscar Goldman. Devlin was a trusted senior operative who knew about the existance of bionics. Alan was also a traitor who was supplying top secret information to a group American agents who had turned against the current government and it's policies. Specifically, the group oppossed peace with former Cold War enemies. Delvin, as it turned out, was a bionic man himself. Unlike Jamie or Steve, Alan's bionics were throughout his entire body. The circumstances by which Devlin acquired his bionic enhancements are unexplained and it is not known who performed the surgery or what Alan's motivations were for undergoing the surgery. However, it can inferred that Alan was fitted with Bionics by the same group for which he worked as they would have had access to all the information they needed on bionic replacement as well as a means of covertly acquiring funds and other resources sense, at least one member of the group was a member of the CIA. Consequently, it can be inferred that Alan's enhancement process was possibily a covert project under the CIA's authority.

The exact nature and limits of Alan Devlin's bionic systems are unclear. He exhibits superhuman strength and speed like Kate Mason.

It is also unclear how Alan could go go undetected as a bionic man when, as a senior government agent, his movements would be monitored to an extent as he has access to sensitive information. Additionally, if Alan had to undergo extensive surgery and rehabilitation, it is suspicous that his absence would go unnoticed. However, if one member of the group that Alan worked with was a member of the CIA; it is possible that the rogue CIA agent was able disguise Alan's movements.     

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