Adrenalizine is a plastic-based substance accidentally produced by Dr. Rudy Wells. Rudy tested such on a paralysed volunteer convict, and was amazed that the convict could get up and walk within 30 seconds. Dr James Courtney in imprisonment used the drug on himself, finding that such could elevate the mental awareness and physical strength of non-paralysed subjects, to the extent of being bionically alike (Deadly Ringer). However, the engergizing effects would tail off after 30 minutes. Repeated administrations will ultimately lead to abdominal cramps and other non-specified toxicities (Deadly Ringer (Part II)).

Accidentally produced, adrenalizine cannot be re-manufactured by Rudy. The supply is thus limited. It was depicted as a paste composite, for which the user would nip off a bit and put under the tongue to be consumed. It might potentially be of therapeutic values for paralytic patients.

Lisa Galloway, the surgically look-alike of Jaime Sommers (Mirror Image), was sent by Dr. Courtney to impersonate Jaime and infiltrate the OSI laboratory of Dr. Wells in search for adrenolizine. With the effects of this drug, Lisa was able to convince Well, Oscar Goldman, and her students that she was the real Jaime.

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