Main Cover by Alex Ross

The Bionic Man, Vol.1 No.2 Chapter Two: A Man, Barely Alive. Based on a story by Kevin Smith. Script by Kevin Smith with Phil Hester. Art by Jonathan Lau. Colors by Ivan Nunez. Lettering by Simon Bowland.


While test piloting the Daedalus, an experimental stealth bomber, something goes wrong and Colonel Steve Austin crash-lands in a fiery blaze. Meanwhile, Oscar Goldman meets with fellow members of the organization known as O.S.I. to discuss the recent massacre at their Bionics facility. In Russia, two mysterious industrialists exploit a piece of stolen technology to enhance their productivity. And the evil force behind the bloody O.S.I. raid is revealed to be a maniacal cyborg named Hull.

Variant Cover Gallery

Several variant covers were released in limited quantity.

Interior Preview Gallery

Before the issue hit retailers, this preview hit the web.

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