US $20 bill plates were the subject of Joseph Wrona's plot to destabilise the American economy. He briefly obtained genuine plates before Steve Austin was able to retrieve them near the Hungarian border.

For a time thereafter, the OSI then believed that they had thwarted the plot. However, after Jaime Sommers' initial bionic replacement surgery, Oscar Goldman became aware that additional plates had been made from the original through computer modelling. These second plates were so perfect that even Steve's bionic eye couldn't detect the difference.

Jamie's first assignment for the OSI was to fly to Wrona's estate, gain admission because of Wrona's close connection to the international tennis circuit, and then use her new bionic ear to open the safe where the second set of plates was being held. After accomplishing this, she then switched the plates for yet a third set provided by the OSI, which would produce bills that were more obviously fake — and thereby end Wrona's private minting operation. ("The Bionic Woman")

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